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The Planning Mindset

Financial planning is more than just investing

A podcast hosted by Jeanine Beratta, JD, MBA

Jeanine Beratta - Host of The Planning Mindset

Welcome to The Planning Mindset

Financial Planning is more than just investing.

Financial planning encompasses more than just investing; it’s about ensuring financial growth to support a comfortable retirement and prevent the risk of depleting funds.

Critical elements of a comprehensive plan include tax savings strategies, estate planning, business succession, dependents’ care, and understanding government benefits like Social Security and Medicare. Additionally, long-term care planning and strategic asset allocation are crucial for making informed distribution decisions during retirement.

While investing plays a key role, it’s part of a broader strategy, which includes The Bucket Strategy® for retirement distributions.

To unpack these complex topics, we’ll engage experts in short serialized episodes, offering a deep dive into each aspect of financial planning.

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The Planning Mindset hosted by Jeanine Beratta, JD, MBA

Important Information

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