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Transition Next Steps

As I described in my prior communications to you, I’ve replaced my broker dealer, First Allied, with LPL Financial (“LPL”) as of February 1, 2022. At the same time, I’m in the process of moving accounts custodied with Pershing from Pershing to LPL.

I decided to align with LPL so that I can relegate the regulatory and back-office work to them, allowing me to focus all my time and efforts on meeting with each of you individually and providing you with specific financial advice that is designed especially for your situation. To me, that’s the best part of this job!

While many of the benefits of this change to LPL will happen behind the scenes, I think you’ll also notice some direct benefits to you, specifically in the areas of account brokerage costs, client statements and online account access.

The Next Steps:

Account Repapering

I am updating my account agreements with you so that I can continue to provide you with ongoing advice and management of your accounts. This account agreement update is very important, and I’ve made the process simple for you. You’ll receive several emails from DocuSign for your electronic signature and emails from me with documentation you will need to print, sign and scan back to me. The important part is you need to sign those as soon as possible, because I can’t open, transfer and manage your accounts at LPL until I have your signature.

Also, please note that you may see DocuSign requests from new members of my expanded team at Lucia Capital Group: most likely either Tiy, Ann, Monique, or Sean. If you see a request from them, just know that it originated from me as well. Having this team available to help me is another one of the many new benefits of my move to LPL.

Transfer of accounts

While some accounts (the ones at Pershing) will usually transfer within a week or two after you sign your paperwork, other accounts directly held with a mutual fund, annuity company, or other insurance company may take several months before updating the broker dealer from First Allied to LPL. Additionally, any alternative investments held directly with the product sponsor will be transferred into an LPL account, and this transfer may take several months to complete.

While the transfer may take some time, it will NOT impact any of your underlying investments. For accounts directly held, the services you receive from that mutual fund or annuity company or other insurance company will not change. Please note that any costs or fees that may be charged to you in the transfer will be credited back to your LPL account once the transfer is complete.

Online Access

I appreciate the fact that any time accounts are transferred, you may want to track them. Of course, I will be tracking them for you, but you’ll be able to do so as well with online access to your LPL accounts via their website and app called MyAccount View. It’s similar to the way you may have done it through the Pershing website, NetXInvestor.

My team and I can help you establish your online access; or, if you’d like to set up access sooner, once one account has been opened for you, you can go to, click Sign Up, enter the information requested, and then simply follow the prompts to establish your account.

If you prefer to go paperless, there’s also an option for that within MyAccountView. Just go to the Preferences tab, click on the “Paperless Settings” section, and choose which option(s) and settings you want.

Monthly Statements

For your brokerage accounts, you will receive two account statements for the month your account is transferred—one from Pershing and one from LPL. Additionally, sometime very soon, you’ll be getting (or may have already gotten) two different tax documents for each non-qualified account that you have—one from Pershing, and one from LPL. So please make sure you have both sets when you do your taxes this year. For your accounts directly held, you will continue to receive statements from the mutual fund, annuity company or other insurance company.

As a reminder, I’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions page and have answered the most common questions there. Please take a few moments to review the additional information.

I’ll have more to come over the coming months, but for now, that’s about it. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me directly and I’ll be happy to help you out!